When you work with an agency, at least 50% of your budget is going to “busywork”. This is simply work that keeps the agency employees busy, but has absolutely no value for you. Do you really think 3 weeks of research and benchmarking is really necessary? No, it’s not and they know it too.

Yeah, we know that agencies don’t like when we point this out, but it’s true: The large-scale, complicated hierarchies and "superstar" advertisers that were once key to agencies’ successes are now exactly what’s putting them in the ground. As agencies struggle to “go digital” and adapt their existing structure to a world that no longer has time to hang around and wait for them to get it right, we ask “Why should a systems project take 3 months, when it could take 7 days? Why should onboarding take 30 days when it could take 90 minutes?”


Scalez Media is a byproduct of the ‘old age’ marketing agency offerings. Most agencies are delayed, disorganized & use thought rather than field-tested concepts.


Most agencies will spend 30 days on-boarding you, then charge you a fee!


On-Boarding takes 90-minutes with us & there’s no fee so we can get our ads up and running as quickly as possible.


We’re quick, we’re nibble & we don’t like to waste time.

Scalez has been lean and digital from day one. Using a core team of just 4 employees; Scalez is dedicated to scaling the best products and services, without wasting your time or budget. No busy-work, promise.


We know a lot of business owners have been stung by agencies before, we empathize. 

That said, we also know you’ve never worked with an agency that has the same track record as us.


So, we implore you to book in an appointment with us & see why we’re taking the entire agency space by a storm.

Our Client Success

Is Our Success.

Our marketing plan is profoundly simple: Get our clients results and the rest takes care of itself.

At Scalez, you won't hear of fancy offices and hundreds of employees. We dedicate our time & effort to helping our clients and we let their results speak for us.