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How we get 30-50x returns on marketing spend in our agency?

The problem with running ads?

Most companies come to us with a similar challenge. They started running ads, but it isn't profitable. And even if it is merely profitable, it isn't enough to truly scale the company up to the point where it absolutely dominates the market.

And after hearing this, we sympathize. Cause we know all the beliefs you have about marketing & selling online are untrue.

We're going through a messy time where entrepreneurs & marketers are fighting over the cheapest traffic, trying to get their businesses profitable by optimizing to success. This has created a bloodbath for those who are not world-class marketers with world-class products.

But, even during this time, we manage to exceed our proposed results with clients, delivering them huge-scale revenues & profits, with consistency & predictability.


We stepped aside. Let the 'pro' marketers battle it out with optimizing different ads, while we systemize marketing processes. And once we do, you'll see two things happening with your business:

  1. Your customer acquisition cost reduces dramatically.

  2. Your lifetime value of a customer increases.

That's about it. These two focuses can establish great profitability & scale for any company selling any product in any market.

How does it work?

So when you see ads from businesses, what do you see?

Most of them are directly pitching their product/service deliverables. They're talking about features. They're talking about results.

In other words, the brands are talking about themselves.

But human nature dictates that people only love their personal gains, nothing else. So you could talk about features, discounts, etc. but that doesn't give them any immediate value or gain.

Instead, what we do is drive traffic to a free digitized info-product like a PDF, Report, Cheat-Sheet, Video, Webinar, etc.

We ask them to enter their contact info in exchange for this, and after they have done so, we keep the communication & buying loop open.

It's a more long-term approach compared to just talking about your products & services, and why they should buy... But it delivers higher revenues & profits, and that makes all the effort & patience worth it!

Go long with your communication cycles.

We buy from people who have given time & effort to us for months & years, and then when they've asked for something, we don't think twice about it.

We often turn to personal connections(friends & family) that charge higher prices for the same solution, when compared to purchasing from a firm that we've never heard before, no matter how low their price is. Again, that's just how human nature works.

Another reason why short sales/email campaigns hardly ever work well. Cause there's no patience involved.

Instead of smashing your email list with a seven-day email sequence, provide months of engagement. Your open rates would soar, your brand would soar, and most importantly, your revenues would soar. The only treatment here is time.

Make sure you take the patient road with engaging with your prospects, provide a hell lot of value, and then retarget & pitch your solutions in front of them throughout.

And when you do, I stand by it, you'll be dearly rewarded.

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