For Coaches & Consultants:

How we generated $25,000 worth of strategy calls for under $1,000?

The problem?

Coaches & consultants are the ones who solve the major problems for their customer niches... Yet their branding & positioning is undeniably misplaced.

Major consultants are able to sign high-figure contracts with their customers, but at the same time, they don't have a consistent & certain way of acquiring those customers.

"What happens if tomorrow you lose all your customers due to another pandemic?"

That's something to think about.

We needed more qualified sales calls.

Our job was pretty simple. We had to generate highly-qualified strategy(sales) calls with ideal customer prospects in order for the client to sell their consultancy at the end of the strategy call.

We had created the lead generation system, intake systems, appointment schedulers, call scripts, and pretty much everything else for this operation to run smoothly. According to our previous campaigns that had a similar objective, our clients would roughly close 20% of sales calls like these with our script, so we took a conservative estimate of close 1 customer out of 6 calls(instead of 5 calls - 20% conversion rate).

Since our estimate conversion rate was 16.67%(1/6) we couldn't let the advertising cost per strategy call generated be more than $150, since that would lead to a max cost per acquisition of $900 which would result in a 5.55x return-on-advertising-spend on a $5,000 3-month consultancy contract.

The marketing funnel built out.

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 8.20.34 AM.png

The less moving parts in your front-end marketing funnel, the less can go wrong.

The less drop-off between each step.

The fewer metric targets you have to hit.

The easier it is to make it all work.

Simple always wins, as long as it's congruent with the objective.

This funnel was extremely simple, yet it worked like a treat.

These are the tools we used to set up everything:

  • Wix - Landing Pages

  • MailChimp - Email Campaigns

  • Calendly - Appointment Scheduling

  • Google Calendar - Manage Appointments

  • SimpleInvoices - Invoicing

  • Hubspot - CRM

  • Wistia - Video Hosting

  • Zapier - Integrations Tool

Retargeting aggressively.

We can't allow a single prospect to slip through the cracks, since every prospect could boost revenue by thousands of dollars. We set up tracking pixels to retarget all of them through Facebook & Google ads. We also set up email marketing sequences that followed up with prospects depending on their individual actions on the landing page.

The results?

We spent $1,050 in advertising throughout the first month, generated more than 450 leads, and booked more than 30 sales calls. At a conservative closing rate of 16.67%(1/6), we would close about 5 new customers at an average of $5,000 (total contract revenue), boosting returns on advertising spend at 25x for this campaign.

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